Poisons and Ponies

The Interview

It is 2015. 5 years since One Direction formed. 3 since Harry and Louis became a couple. It is the year the world learns the truth.


Rolling Stone Magazine presents-

Larry Stylinson: The Untold Story

Part One

It is no secret Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from the boy-band One Direction are very fond of each other. This fondness has created a suspicion of a full fledged relationship which has been denied vehemently over the course of the past five years. Those close to the boys have stayed mute on the subject- until now. 

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i finally did all my hw for the first time like ever and omg it was so stressful never again

Anonymous said:
Hi I wanted to ask you for some advice, in particular to making or writing anything, not necessarily a fanfic. How do you formulate your ideas and organize them well, and where do u draw inspiration? I'm currently blocked in the process of making a story/almost book, and I'm so stuck its not even funny.. Thanks, I enjoy your writing skills :)

Well what i do is read and listen to music cause a lot of times lyrics/something else i read gives me inspiration to write!! also i dont organize my ideas (which is why nothing i write makes sense) i just idk write. i have a very vague outline for RP but thats it!! Good luck babe :)

thoughts on the new os??

Heart it Races

In which Louis works at a record shop, and Harry just really wants a record.


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Summer in Paradise I think ill put on hiatus for a while xx

sorry its been a while ive been super busy lately but this one shot is like 3/4 done and should be like 2-2.5k words!

so i just have to get something out about Summer in PAradise.

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louishs said:

wait reallY? i think its quite ugly but my writing is easy to see haha but thanks so much boo :)

1k words into this oneshot….not that anyone cares but yeah!